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May 14 - 21, 2021


Help us fund the first You Made Me Mom Leadership Retreat!

You Made Me Mom and Amy and Adam Balentine are pleased to raise funds for the seventh annual Gift of Time fundraiser. You Made Me Mom is a support group for the bereaved mother, founded by Amy in 2015.  The Gift of Time fundraiser lasts seven days and twenty-two minutes – the same duration of Amy and Adam’s son Simon’s brief but mighty life – from May 14, 2021 at 9:55pm to May 21, 2021 at 10:17pm. 


This year marks the 7th anniversary of Simon’s week of life.  The number seven represents completion and perfection in the Bible.  For the past six years we have raised funds for bereavement cooling cots, but this year we are intentionally shifting in a different direction.


What is You Made Me Mom?

You Made Me Mom is a support group for bereaved mothers who have lost babies during pregnancy or infancy.  We currently have six active chapters and a seventh chapter opening in August 2021.  The support groups gather monthly to discuss our babies and to process our walk with grief.   


Why does You Made Me Mom need your support?

We have been growing!  Since early 2020, You Made Me Mom has added four new chapters around the country and in Canada.  The pandemic actually gave more opportunities for us to reach moms in new places.  With four new chapters, it is vital that we support and invest in our leaders.  This year, we have decided to change direction and focus our efforts directly within our organization so You Made Me Mom can maintain its vision, mission and purpose.


In March 2022, You Made Me Mom is hosting our first leadership retreat.  Our leaders serve our communities in the wake of grief.  While it is our pleasure to serve the bereaved mom, the burden is heavy.  The purpose of the retreat would be twofold: (1) to educate and to stay aligned in our mission with our chapter leaders, and (2) to energize our leaders so that they are sent back into our communities with new tools and a firm foundation in Christ.


Your tax-free donation will be processed through our non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, You Made Me Mom.



The campaign goal is $7,000.  Travel, hotel and meals for seven leaders costs $5,800.  Operational costs for You Made Me Mom is $1,200.


Starting in 2015, this campaign funding has provided:

-Operational costs for You Made Me Mom

-12 bereavement cradles in Kansas City and beyond

-You Made Me Mom promo video, 501(c)(3) status, and website

-Hope to the bereaved mother, family and friends

-You Made Me Mom chapter expansion to: Indiana, Kansas, North Carolina, Canada and virtually

-Service to over 550 attendees at monthly meetings and thousands nationally and internationally through You Made Me Mom’s help-book, Known, and website resources


Thank you for considering a donation to give our leaders time together.


To read more about our story, visit our family blog:

With love,

The Balentines – Amy, Adam, Teddy, Simon, Thomas, Peter, Goldie and babies #6&7

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