serving moms who have lost babies during pregnancy or infancy

meeting info

general meeting information and chapter locations

please join us the third thursday of every month from 7pm-9pm for prayer and growth through conversations about our babies.  email your respective city to rsvp and receive meeting address information.

city chapters email contact:
     - kansas city, mo |
     - milford, in |

an open invitation is extended to any woman who has lost a child due to miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death. you are welcome whether the loss occurred ten plus years ago or ten hours ago, and even if you have other living children, have no living children, are currently pregnant, or struggle with fertility.  

meeting dates



thursday, january 19
thursday, july 20
thursday, january 18
thursday, july 19
thursday, february 16
thursday, august 17
thursday, february 15
thursday, august 16
thursday, march 16
thursday, september 21
thursday, march 15
thursday, september 20
thursday, april 20
thursday, october 19
thursday, april 19
thursday, october 18
thursday, may 18
thursday, november 16
thursday, may 17
thursday, november 15
thursday, june 22*
thursday, december 21
thursday, june 21
thursday, december 20
*different thursday of the month

meeting information | what to bring & meeting format

simply come as you are.  all gatherings are informal.  anywhere from 4-14 women attend each meeting. we will open and close with prayer.  each mother will be given an opportunity to share as much or as little of her story as she likes - you can even chose not to speak and listen only.  our intention is to grow as we share where we presently are with our individual grief walks.  mothers can come to as many or as few meetings as necessary to support her needs.

beverages will be provided during our meeting.  consider eating dinner prior to the meeting, if possible.

gathering guidelines

-what is said here, stays here 

-we do not compare

-we are all grieving equally

-we use encouraging and uplifting words to honor each other

-we shall work toward progress

-we shall listen and learn from one another

-we may always say “pass” if we don’t want to share

meeting information printable document

kansas city, missouri

milford, indiana

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