serving moms who have lost babies during pregnancy or infancy

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where do we turn before, during or after the loss of a child?  

you made me mom is honored to release our quick reference helpbook for those experiencing the loss of a child during pregnancy or infancy.  this book is for mom, dad, family and friends walking through this loss.  the format is intended to be basic and simple in order to help you find the best delivery options and memory making tools, while you navigate through a fog of disbelief.  

momma, you are known and loved by God and your baby is known by you, created by God.

here are links to our favorite resources and ministries which may help aid you or a family member or friend when they lose their child during pregnancy or infancy.
  • stillbirthday 
    • informational website providing support for families before, during and after loss in any trimester.
  • babies remembered
    • organization that is hands-on in helping with loss or the anticipation of a loss.  they will hold your hand on the phone or in person to help you with miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death.  after loss, they assist with grief and healing.
  • sufficient grace ministries 
    • provides support for parents who are currently carrying a child with a life-limiting diagnosis as well as parents who have experienced  losing their baby to miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss.
  • be not afraid
    • provides comprehensive, practical and peer-based support to parents experiencing a prenatal diagnosis and carrying to term. 
  • still standing magazine 
    • online magazine providing support for families experiencing pregnancy loss and infertility.
  • alexandra's house 
    • provides active management and hope for families pregnant with a baby with lethal anomalies and who is expect to die near or shortly after birth.
  • now i lay me down to sleep 
    • provides the gift of remembrance photography for families suffering the loss of a baby.
  • share 
    • provides support for anyone experiencing the tragic loss of a child.
  • bridget's cradles
    • provides hand-made knitted cradles to families whose babies were born into heaven in the second trimester of pregnancy.
  • lullaby of hope 
    • provides care packages for mothers who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss.
  • molly bears 
    • provides weighted teddy bears for families who have lost babies during pregnancy or infancy.
  • cuddlecot 
    • provides time to families who are experiencing stillbirth.  the us cuddlecot campaign has a loaner cot which can be quickly mailed to a hospital when a family hears the words, "i am sorry, there is no heartbeat."  the goal of this campaign, however, is to have one cot in every hospital in the united states
  • faces of loss
    • provides stories of others who have lost babies during pregnancy or infancy and reassures families they are not alone.
  • perinatal hospice
    • resources for families continuing a difficult pregnancy.
  • purposful gift
    • resource for infant organ and tissue donation.
  • hope mommies
    • brings the hope of christ to bereaved mothers who have experienced infant loss.
  • project heal
    • online support offering resources and ideas for memorializing your baby.
  • titan's light
    • kansas city based ministry offering help through the burial process for families experiencing stillbirth of neonatal death.
  • heaven's gain
    • provides products, materials and support to families experiencing miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death including miscarriage kits, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester burial caskets and urns.
  • angel names association
    • program providing assistance for end of life expenses for stillbirth and infant death. families must apply for assistance and be approved by non-profit board.
  • pregnancy after loss (pal)
    • community support resource for women experiencing the confusing and conflicting emotions of grief mixed with joy during the journey through pregnancy after loss. they seek to help expectant mothers celebrate their current pregnancy by choosing hope over fear while still honoring the loss of their deceased child.

articles answering what the gospel has to do with miscarriage and child loss.

podcasts featuring moms who have lost a child and offer the Hope of Jesus Christ.

books written by moms who have lost a child and strength to carry on is from Christ.

book on heaven and where our children reside.

counselors in the kansas city area.

national and international counseling support 

life line.
  • us national suicide prevention | if you are having feelings that you cannot or do not want to go on with your life, call for 24/7 support 800.273.8255.  You may also text "connect" to 741741 for support through messaging.

for those facing a life-limiting diagnosis.
if you are carrying a child who has been given a life-limiting diagnosis, we would love to walk this journey with you.  your child is your baby, not a diagnosis.  their story is not written yet.  your baby is with you, alive and eager to write his or her own story with our creator.  know you are not alone as you carry and mother this child.  you can do this.  and we promise, you will even survive and thrive someday.  please contact our founder, amy, directly to receive support.

family and friends often wonder what they can to do help.  

the below links provide ideas that might assist you in offering love and help to the family who has lost their baby.

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